Working on so may things brings nothing

The Pitfalls of Trying Different Things All at Once!


In a fast-paced world where multitasking is celebrated, it’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of activities, thinking it’s the way to succeed. But what if I told you that this busy lifestyle might actually hold you back instead of propelling you forward?

In 2018: A Setback Becomes a Stepping Stone

Let’s go back to 2018, when I faced a setback—a visa rejection for my dream of studying Information Technology in Australia. Instead, I ended up studying Bachelor of Business Administration in Nepal. As the semester progressed, I discovered a new passion for entrepreneurship. I wanted to start a side business that would complement my studies without overwhelming me. And so began my journey into the realm of online business.

In 2019: Immersed in the Hustle

By 2019, my side hustle had become my main focus. I was fully immersed in managing social media, handling product deliveries, and every other aspect of my venture. However, this intense dedication came with a price—I noticed my academic performance slipping.

In 2020: Seeking Balance Amidst Chaos

Then, 2020 arrived, bringing the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of it all, I found comfort in the stock market, seeking refuge in learning a new skill during the downtime. While it was fulfilling, it didn’t quite match the excitement of entrepreneurship for me.

In 2021: The Struggle of Spreading Thin

As life settled into a rhythm in 2021, I returned to balancing my side hustle with my studies and stock market activities. Despite graduating that year, I still felt overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities—managing my online business, investing in stocks, and interning in digital marketing. Each pursuit taught me valuable lessons, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of spreading myself too thin.

Finding Solace: Embracing Depth over Breadth

Reflecting on my journey, I realized the danger of trying to do it all—becoming proficient in many things but not mastering any. While I gained insights across various fields, I lacked the depth that comes with mastery. Yet, amidst this realization, I found solace in knowing that it’s okay to experiment and explore until you find your true passion.

Conclusion: The Journey Towards Mastery

For me, that passion lies in business and marketing. Despite the whirlwind of the past five years, these pursuits have remained constant, guiding me toward what truly excites me. As I continue on this journey, I’m reminded that sometimes, the road to mastery is filled with twists and turns, each one shaping us into who we’re meant to be.

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